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Our FOUNDATIONAL CERTIFICATION IN CHARACTER EDUCATION  module includes an overview of the history of character education and strong frameworks for its implementation, along with best practices for schools and the classroom. Participants will submit written reflections on their learning and will be provided feedback on their reflections. This takes the place of our two-day, in-person certification. Day 1 is currently posted, and Day 2 content will be coming soon.

Our CHARACTER IN 15: categories will include Community Building, Character in the Virtual World, Encouragement/Self-Care, and Class Meeting Practices. These and others will continue to be added during the school year.

WEBE ONLINE STUDENT MODULES on Middle School Dilemmas are designed for middle school students to help them grapple with moral dilemmas that promote Kindness, Respect, Responsibility, and Connectedness. Each module includes a teacher guide, tips, and a story maker art engine for student creation and reflection on what they’ve learned.

In our SIGNATURE TRAINING MODULES you'll find our most popular workshops, including Class Meetings, ABC’s (Autonomy, Belonging, and Competence), Structures, Service Learning, and the State School of Character Process. These take the place of our half-day workshops. Class Meetings and SSOC are currently available, with the rest to come soon.


How do you teach them that sometimes you have to be gentle to be a giant? That sometimes you have to sacrifice to get what you want? That sometimes the hardest thing to be is true — to yourself and others?

You help them develop Character, that’s how. Character is the tool that’ll help them uncenter themselves and the let the world see them for the gems they truly are.

CharacterPlus is in the high-quality human game. Help your students find that perfect balance between doing right for themselves, and doing right for others.